You may think you have gotten away, but you never truly get away from your past.... This is a place for Role-players to relish in the art of written word. Be it with animals, Humans, or something of their own creation.
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PostSubject: (a breedable pet sim!) (a breedable pet sim!) EmptySat Feb 13, 2010 6:12 pm is one of the best breedable pet sims out there! With thousands of users, a large staff selection, and fun this site is sure to become one of your favorite sites. There are currently 14 breeds out there right now! A vast selection of markings and colors lets you pick and match your breeding pairs or simply collect wajas of certain colors and markings! The site curreny is WC (Waja credits) and is the most used currency around the site. CWP (Crazy Waja Points) are VERY expensive and can be used for Tokens and other items only available with the purchase of CWP.

What Wajas has:
Pets that are breedable
Currency to buy items and other Wajas
Your very own account!
Forums to communicate with other users
An option to upgrade your account and access even more of the site! (can only upgrade with CWP)
And many other wonderful things...

...join today at
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Merci Mouse

Merci Mouse

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PostSubject: Re: (a breedable pet sim!) (a breedable pet sim!) EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 6:40 pm

oh goody, an advertisement! xD
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